Eriksens is a totally independent firm of actuaries and investment strategists with offices in Auckland and Wellington, and strategic partners based in Australia.  We specialise in providing cost effective service and pride ourselves on the quality, timeliness and clarity of our advice to clients. Eriksens is a member of the Financial Disputes Resolution Services Ltd.


We do not manage money nor do we offer implemented consulting “solutions”.  As well as the investment professionals based in Sydney, we carry out some of our asset liability modelling and database management from Auckland.  As investment strategists, we provide reliable and innovative advice for competitive fees.  We specialise in risk management in its purest sense. We aim to explain complex technical issues in a simple, straightforward manner that can be readily understood by decision makers.  Our advice is conservative and designed to stand the test of time.  While our focus is in Australia and New Zealand our staff have at times also undertaken assignments in Russia and Sri Lanka.


Our consultants travel regularly to the US, Europe and Asia, both to service clients and to monitor developments in the financial services and investment markets as well as the global economy and its impact on investors.


We conduct qualitative research into all the major investment managers in New Zealand and many overseas managers. This includes regular interviews with investment managers in New Zealand, Australia, U.K. and U.S. and data updates from stockbrokers, financial intermediaries and the investment managers themselves.


We have been advising trustees of major corporate superannuation schemes and managers of large financial institutions on investment strategy and the choice of investment managers for many years. We assist financial institutions and financial planners on the design of funds, the structure of savings products and their distribution.


We have extensive experience in econometric and financial modelling, including asset/liability modelling. We currently provide risk/return analysis on individual assets and asset classes, general investment advice (including attribution analysis) and ongoing investment manager reviews. Since we review, and are in regular contact, with a number of investment managers we are able to discern best practice standards and have in fact advised clients on such standards.


We also take a keen interest in the development of Australian and New Zealand superannuation and savings industry at both the political and technical levels.


Eriksen’s principal is Jonathan Eriksen:

  • an actuary and employee benefit consultant with more than 25 years experience.
  • expert witness in the Human Rights Test Case in 1994 and Tax Test Case in 1995
  • past president of New Zealand Society of Actuaries and past chairman of ASFONZ
  • specialises in superannuation and investment advice to trustees
  • advises life insurers and investment managers on product design

On behalf of Air New Zealand, Mr Eriksen has had extensive experience in providing actuarial advice in respect of the largest private sector defined benefit scheme in New Zealand. The National Provident Fund’s defined benefit pension contributors plan has over 2,500 members and assets of NZD $478 million. Mr Eriksen has had many years experience advising corporate pension funds of multi nationals based in Europe, United Kingdom and USA amongst others. He has personally assisted multi nationals develop their pension arrangements in Australia, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.