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Photo of Jonathan Eriksen

Jonathan Eriksen

Managing Director

Specialist expertise in:

  • Benefit design
  • Take-overs and mergers
  • The reversion of surplus
  • Actuarial costs of benefits and contribution rates
  • Actuarial valuations and projections
  • Draft Trust Deed wording
  • Selection of Master Trust, group life Insurer or Administrator
  • Valuation of superannuation entitlements under the Matrimonial Property Act
  • Advice on the construction of incentive schemes, stock option plans, etc
  • Valuations of Estates, Trusts, Life Interests and Reversions
  • Valuations of loss of earnings
Photo of Graham Osborn

Graham Osborn


Specialist expertise in:

  • Benefit design and fund structure
  • Analysis of long term general insurance claims experience
  • Assessing the viability of captive insurance programs and workers compensation self-insurance
  • Premium recommendations
  • Advice to solicitors and Court attendance
Photo of Sue Conroy

Sue Conroy

Office Manager

Photo of Rosanna Ede

Rosanna Ede

Actuarial Analyst

Expertise in:

  • Investment monitoring of investment managers
  • Investment fund attribution analysis
  • Portfolio construction
  • Due diligence on investment managers, insurers and master trusts
  • Master Trust Survey
  • Life insurance actuarial valuations
  • Life insurance financial projections
  • Employee benefit valuations
  • Superannuation valuations
Photo of Andy Mahony

Andy Mahony

Investment Analyst